About Renowned Salon in Exeter

Renowned was started in 2009 with the everyday client in mind and the vision of offering a wide range of high-end services at a realistic price point. Prior to the opening of our Renowned Salon Exeter, a number of important ventures took place. In 2010, Renowned launched a range of 5 products that offer simplicity, quality and performance to customers at a market-beating price. It is a range that has continued in popularity in our Renowned Salon Exeter, since its initial launch.
2013 saw our Salon team up with Men-ü and become a shave centre, with head stylist Gavin Jordan becoming a skincare consultant, offering a full wet shave and facial service and whilst also stocking the shampoo, conditioners and the home shave products. This move for Renowned Salon Exeter, furthered the original vision of something that applies to a variety of men and their needs. Renowned has continued to move forward with skincare and have been invited on several occasions to host events in the Exeter branch of the chain Molton Brown. This was a venture that was beneficial on both sides, with a mutual appreciation for quality in products and the way they are used.
2015 started with a need to push the vision forward and provide a space that could truly offer the “Renowned” experience. After a long and thorough search of locations and spaces, the perfect setting was found and October 2015 saw the doors of Renowned Salon Exeter open for the first time. A salon where the everyday man and woman can have their hair looked after, as well as those searching for something a little more than the repetitive standard seen so much on the high street.

Since our grand opening, Renowned Salon Exeter has created a name for itself in the community for our commitment to high-quality services and products at reasonable prices. Our friendly staff are always more than happy to help you in any way they can. Whether you have a specific vision in mind for your next hairstyle, or are looking for inspiration, we can help. Come in and try our services today.

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